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Getting Started 

Everyone will need to take a minimum of 4 Introduction to Aerial classes before they start at level 1 (even if you prior dance/gymnastics/cheer experience). These introductory classes will allow participants to learn the basics of aerial safety, in addition to finding out what apparatuses they most enjoy.

Registration is completed by calling, emailing or in person.

Call the studio at 585-201-8202
Have at least 10 - 15 minutes available so that we can create your client account, complete enrollment, get a payment method on file and answer any questions you might have.

You may also email the studio at and we can send you a purchase request.

* After you've created your account & have purchased your Introductory Class Pass, we will have to enroll your child into a specific day/time to attend. Class size if limited to 6 participants.


Youth & Tweens


Introduction to Aerial -  4 class starter package $65.00

The studio has youth and tween memberships. Billing cycles are approx. 30 days and can start on any date. All memberships

auto-renew. You may combine different types of class offerings in your membership - for example your child could choose a Plus membership and choose tumbling and fabrics. Children will be bulk enrolled into the same class that meets each week.

There is an annual registration fee of $25.00 due at the time of membership enrollment.

Basic Tween Membership - Attend 1X per week            $75
Plus Tween Membership - Attend 2X per week              $125

Premium Tween Membership - Attend 3X per week      $170

Youth Membership  - Attend 1X per week                       $70

Membership Cancellation or Change; To cancel your membership you must provide the studio with written cancellation notice prior to
your billing renew date. You may upgrade your plan at any time. Downgrades will be processed at the end of a billing cycle. To request a change to class type or level, please write to us via email.

Make- Up Policy; If your child needs to miss class, we will issue 1 make up visit per month, in which they can attend a youth/tween open practice. This visit must be used within 30 days.

Performance Opportunities; Aerial Arts of Rochester hosts 2 student showcases per year in which students may choose to participate, a holiday showcase in December and Summer Showcase in June. 

Attire - Have your child wear athletic attire. Leggings, along with a tank top or tee is great! Bare feet.

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