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General Information


We have 3 -4 party options for adults - Choose from Aerial, Pole, a combination of both or Bungee

All pole/aerial events last up to 90 Minutes in Length depending on the amount of guests and activities.
Bungee is 75 Minutes in length (See pricing below).

$250.00 Minimum Required ($100.00 deposit to hold date/time)

Remaining Balance due on the day of the event when you arrive.

$25.00 per person with a maximum of 16 participants (If you have more, please call the studio directly)

All guests must sign a participation waiver and we require masks at this time.

Alcohol is not allowed. Keep in mind that you will be swinging, spinning and possibly going upside down during these activities. We don't want to get sick.


Events maybe booked on

Weekdays - contact to inquire

Fridays at 7:00pm, Saturdays after 12:30pm, Sundays by request.

Scroll all the way down to view information for your guests.

How do I Book my Event?

Send an Email to

With the following Information
1) Your Name and Contact Information
2) Type of Event You Want (Pole/Aerial/Both/Bungee)
3) Preferred date/time. If unavailable, we will provide you with alternative options. 
4) How many guests that you anticipate on having

Adult Aerial Adventure

This party is fantastic for Teens, Moms Groups, Girls Night Out, Milestone Birthday, Bachelorette Party or Team Building Experience! Enjoy Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop and Aerial Hammock. You’ll pose, fly, swing and spin! Don’t forget to bring a camera! Guest of Honor will receive an AAoR gift bag!

Additional Info for Guests

You wouldn't drink at the gym, so no drinks at Aerial Arts. You may swing and spin so we don't want you to get sick!

Wear Fitness attire. T-Shirt/Tank and Yoga Pants. Avoid putting on lotions/oils before the event. No jewelry on hands/wrists including engagement/wedding rings as these item can damage our fabrics and cause potential injury.

Want BOTH Pole & Aerial, You Got It!

Pole Dancing

Great for a Girls Night Out, Bachelorette Bash or Milestone Birthday. You'll twirl around the pole and take it down low! Fun, easy to follow movements that will have your whole group giggling. Guest of Honor will receive a AAoR gift bag!

Additional Info for Guests

Wear Fitness Attire - bring shorts if possible. Please leave jewelry at home or in a safe place, this includes wedding rings. Please do not apply lotions or oils prior to the event.
Arrive about 10 minutes early to sign your participation waiver.

You wouldn't drink at the gym, so no drinks at Aerial Arts as this is a physical activity. We want to ensure your safety!

Chair Dancing Info Coming Soon....

Bungee Blast!

Bungee is approximately 45 minutes of activity. When you arrive, class participants will spend about 10 minutes getting into your harness and attaching your bungee cord. The total party time is 75 minutes.

Experience bungee fitness at Aerial Arts of Rochester! Every student will have their own harness in which the bungee cord is attached in the back (single point). This will allow you to bounce and move with resistance needed for strengthening and toning those muscles while practicing fun and challenging movements. Below is a list of things to keep in mind before deciding to participate.
-This is a moderate to challenging cardio activity class.
-We recommend being comfortable jumping on the ground, stepping on and off a step ladder and with doing a plank position.
-The harness will probably be uncomfortable, especially on your first visit.
-Participation is not recommended for those with high or low blood pressure or those who experience mid to lower back pain.
-We recommend wearing form-fitting pants.

***For the safety of participants, our equipment is rated for maximum weight capacity of 225 lbs. You will be required to tell the instructor your weight so that we can provide you with the correct bungee resistance.

Max of 6 participants
Flat rate of $200.00

How the Event Goes & What we Need to Know in Advance!

Tell us in Advance

1)  What is your final count? 2 days before the event send an email to and let us know how many guests you expect - this will help us have the correct amount of apparatuses ready to host your event.

2) What type of party do you want to book? Pole Only, Aerial Only, Both? Pole and Chair Dance?


1) BE ON TIME! Arrive no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled event so that guests may sign their participation waivers. If you are late, please understand that we can not go over on time as there may be events scheduled after yours. All guests must sign a waiver to participate. The remaining payment will be taken care of when you arrive.

2) At this time, masks are optional. Remove jewelry on hands/wrists as these items can cause injuries and they may tear our fabric apparatuses or damage the poles. Do not put on lotions/oils before class as this make it difficult to grip.

3) Join your Coach in the "Arena" or Pole Studio for activity and remove your socks. The best attire for aerial activities is a T-shirt/Tank and Yoga pants/leggings. For guys, shorts work too. Do not wear restrictive clothing (jeans/belts, etc.) For Pole Dancing make sure you have shorts!

4) You will do 1 - 3 activities during your event depending on the type of event you booked.

5) Group Picture! You can post to social media and tag @AerialArtsRochester

6) After the activity, you'll either head over to your party table or prepare for departure.

7) We will make sure everyone gets a coupon before they leave so they can get a discount on their next visit with us!

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