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All of these classes utilize the aerial hammock also known as sling.

Aerial Arts of Rochester uses skill charts to track your progress. Once you've completed all your skills, you are ready to advance to the next level. This allows everyone to learn at their own individual pace.

Aerial Yoga, Core Aerial, Aerial Hammock Classes


Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is inspired by traditional yoga asanas, but utilizes the sling (aka hammock) to execute them in new, fun and unique way. The hammock is suspended approximated 2.5 - 3 feet off the ground. Beginner Aerial Yoga is a great place to start working on body awareness and becoming familiar with fabric apparatuses. Aerial Yoga will allow you to stretch and experience spinal decompression. * You should be comfortable lifting your leg to hip height.
45 minutes.

Flying Yoga

Level 1 Aerial Hammock/Sling

This course will explore the foundations of working with fabric apparatuses. You'll become more comfortable and confident as you learn various ways to enter the hammock, practice poses that required balance in addition to transitions that will elevate your attitude and altitude! By the end of the course, you'll be able to string together a fun sequence. Strengthening and stretching will also be a part of your training. Ability to lift your leg to hip height to step into the hammock is required. 60 minutes.

Flying Yoga

Level 2 Aerial Hammock/Sling

Aerial Hammock Sling Level 2 is recommended for those who have either previously level 1 at Aerial Arts or series of classes at other studios. You should be accustomed to feeling of fabrics on various parts of the body. More complex transitions and challenging sequences will be explored. Unique mounts and drops will keep your experience and skills interesting. 60 minutes.

Yoga Class

Hammock Flow

Hammock Flow is our Morning class option suited for all levels. This class is instructed by studio owner, William Dovidio. He will provide you with modifications and variations so that you can move at your own personal pace. 55 Minutes.

Yoga Class

Core Aerial

Core Aerial utilizes the aerial hammocks to build upper body and core strength. This class will also improve your grip. Expect to work hard as you gain much needed strength for advancing your aerial skills. 45 Minutes.

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