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Aerial Arts of Rochester is currently hiring for a

Marketing & Membership Services Coordinator,

Front Desk Associate and various teachers that will plan to start in the fall of 2022.

Marketing and Membership Services Coordinator

This position will work approx. 16 - 20 per week, primarily in the evenings or on Saturday morning. This is is because connections will be made with clients during operational hours. The marketing and membership services manager will be responsible for working in conjunction with the studio manager and community outreach manager so that front desk operations can run smoothly with optimum communication between Aerial Arts and the student base made of of both youth and adults.

They will ensure promotion and consistent branding of the studio both externally and internally to gain enrollment, community involvement, etc.

Their primary job is to make connections with the student base in an effort to create a relationship. They will come to you with questions about their classes, accounts and memberships. You’ll want to help them navigate by explaining how everything works. In addition, you’ll work to not only increase enrollments but maintain memberships.

Below are majority of the tasks required of the job position.


  • Assist in answering phone calls and emails.

  • Follows up with new clients to help covert them into monthly members by educating and offering various ways to attend

  • Keeps detailed records with reports to track clients that have been converted to members

  • Educating clients on how to manage their classes, client account, branded app, etc.

  • Maintains Consistent Branding

  • Collect and Enter clients into the pike 13 database/brandbot

  • Work in Brandbot to connect with Clients via text. Reach out to encourage member retention.

  • Work in Brandbot the create promotions/email communications to the student base.

  • Assist with the creation, promotion and execution of social media campaigns, contests, etc. Work within Canva to create those social media postings, studio posters, etc. when needed

  • Help with entering any information on Kids Out and this could classes, camps, events, etc. Others could include news stations, etc.

  • Create “Offers” Via Facebook, Update YELP, etc. Update Google Business Page. Update and maintain any other platforms

  • Assist in getting the AAoR brand and business in front of the community through a variety of ways including in-person and online. Present opportunities during owner/manager meetings.

  • Keep track of comment/suggestion box at the front desk. Write up a memo and forward to appropriate person to take action.

  • Help students with their guest passes and then follow up with guests after they have attended.

  • Reach out or react with prospective customers who comment on social media posts. Depending on the post, directly make contact to start a conversation. This could be providing them with information, inviting them to like/follow up, get them subscribed to emails, or get them to physically come in for a tour, sign up for class, host a party, etc.

  • Encourage involvement on social media platforms such as joining groups, following us on Facebook, Instagram, subscribing to emails, possibly texting if we have that in the future.

  • View FB Insights regularly to give you valuable information about page likes, video views, responsiveness, etc. - Track and increase or improve insights. Invite others to like/follow.

  • Issues party credits to event/birthday guest accounts

  • Possibly create and post event tickets. Help to coordinate studio events with regards to ticketed shows, retreats, or special events.

  • Inform and communicate sales/specials with the staff  via slack app.

  • Maintain and update QR codes of staff to encourage followers and build relationships.

  • Encourages and responds to Google Reviews


Monday - Thursday (Required)
Flexibility of hours choose - 4:00pm - 8:00pm or 4:30pm - 8:30pm or 5:00pm - 9:00pm


This is position would be best suited for someone who is look for a part-time position with availability in the evening hours.


- A minimum of 1 - 2 years of working in a customer service related field.
- Associate Degree

- Ability to understand buyers needs
- Know the general sales process
- Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
- Creativity and Writing Skills
- Good Teamwork
- Excellent communication and networking skills
- Adaptability
- Good organizational and planning skills
- Willingness to learn

Starting Pay

$17.00 per hour

Interested? Please send your resume to and include your contact information. Our goal is to fill the position by July 10th 2022 and start training the following week.


We are looking for Energy, Wellness, Well-being, Fitness or Dance Instructors….
Our fitness studio can easily convert to a classroom setting.

Do you instruct…

Chakra Healing

Healing with Crystals
Journaling for Self-Growth and/or healing
Vision Board Creation

Essential Oils
Mindful Mediation
Earthflow Yoga

Body Sculpt


Any other type of class, send us over a message!

Classes are 45-60 minutes in length.


Aerial Arts Event Host

As an Aerial Arts event host you will work closely with other members of the team to ensure that the details of all events are executed as planned. You’ll ensure that everyone has a safe and fun experience. You will guide them through a variety of activities on the aerial apparatuses. Majority of events are hosted for children ages 4 - 18.

Duties and Responsibilities

  •  If necessary, open the studio. Turn on lights/heat/AC and open the rest rooms.

  •  Collect all waivers and make sure they are signed by parent/guardian

  • Guide and work as a team with your party host teammate.

  • Prepare and set up the studio for the planned activities, this may include rigging, mats, music, games, balloons, etc.

  • Greet family and guests.

  •  Follow the planned activities for each type of event and age group while being mindful of the timeline.

  • Inform parents and or participants of the safety expectations.

  • Adjust or modify movements when needed to empower all ages, fitness levels and those who may have disabilities so that may participate.

  •  Provide an enthusiastic, energetic atmosphere while maintaining control over the group.

  •  Assist with clean up of the party room and studio activity space.

  •  Collect final payment.


Qualities and Qualifications 


  • Outgoing and polite with the ability to be assertive when ensuring the safety of participants

  • Comfortable with leading large groups of all different ages, including young children

  • Attention to detail with regards to potential safety hazards and initiative to fix them - —

  • Willingness to adapt to unexpected changes

  • Creative thinking while under pressure

  • At least 1 year of working with children

  • Prefer at least 1 year of instructing dance, gymnastics, sports or another physical discipline



  • Training will be provided, but you will need to be able to physically demonstrate movements on a variety of apparatuses.

  • Open availability on Saturdays afternoons and early evenings, Sunday mornings and afternoons. Please do not apply unless you are available during these times.

  • You should be reliable and take great pride and satisfaction in your work.

This is a part-time position and hours are dependent on bookings. Anywhere from 3 to 12 hours can be expected on the weekends.

Range of Pay $15 - $18 per hour  


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