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Schedule of Aerial Hoop Classes

Aerial Arts of Rochester uses skill charts to track your progress. Once you've completed all your skills, you are ready to advance to the next level. This allows everyone to learn at their own individual pace.

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Level 1 Aerial Hoop

Students will learn the foundations of aerial hoop, such as how to mount, dismount along with basic poses and transitions. Short sequences may also be explored. 60 minutes.

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Level 2 Aerial Hoop

You’ll challenge your strength and flexibility as we continue to explore poses, more complex transitions and rotations. Get ready to swing and spin while suspended in the air. You will need to take Level 1 Aerial Hoop prior to taking this class or have instructor approval.

60 Minutes.

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Level 3 Aerial Hoop

Our most advanced level of hoop, we will explore drops and rotations. Poses such as single knee/elbow hangs and transitions that require added strength and flexibility will be an exciting challenge! 60 minutes.

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Lollipop (Pole & Hoop)

This unique freestanding apparatus combines elements of both pole and aerial hoop. You'll want to be at least a level 2 student.  60 minutes. Offered periodically.

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