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Aerial Arts of Rochester
565 Blossom Road  
Suite Z  
Rochester, NY 14610

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Walk In Classes
$12 or less when you buy a class pass
Use your client account to make a class reservation and avoid disappointment as some classes have a limited number of participants.

Class Pass

 5 or 10 class visits may be purchased at a discount. Valid only for Walk In Class options.

Aerial Yoga

This class is a great place to start for beginners with no experience- utilize a soft fabric sling that supports the body to explore various stretches and conditioning exercises. In this class we will focus on improving flexibility and strengthening your core using the aerial hammocks. 45 minutes.


Come try one of the best cardio workouts you'll experience!  JumpSport premium mini-trampolines will fuel your work out. Resistance bands and  light hand weights and dumbbells are provided. Please bring a pair of clean sneakers or grip socks.

45 minutes

Ballet Barre

Ballet Barre Fusion is great for teens and adults. This class will focus on three components - strengthening, stretching and technique. In addition, an 8 to 16 count combination will be taught each class that may touch on the genres of ballet, contemporary or lyrical. We will make use of our "vertical barres" (aka the pole) and use them as prop in which to help the class execute traditional barre exercises as well as some unique ones you may not have experienced. 45 minutes.


For this walk in class offering, the trapeze will be hung no more than 3 feet above the ground. Low trapeze is perfect for those who are still building the strength to invert or who might have a fear of heights. In addition, low trapeze is great for older clients who still want to participate in circus but may have a hard time lifting their leg above hip height.  Low trapeze will allow you still learn many entry level movements and poses. By the end of class you'll a complete a 3 - 4 move sequence.  45 minutes.

Teen & Adult Acro Dance

Have you ever wanted to master a cartwheel, bridge or get closer to handstand? This entry and beginner level acro dance class will introduce you to exercises that will help you achieve a bridge, walk-over and a simple somersault!  Strengthening and balance techniques will also be a focus. 45 minutes.

Aerial Ninjas

No doubt, becoming more agile will help you become a better aerialist! Aerial Ninjas will allow you to build the stamina and endurance you'll need as move up in level and be in the air for longer periods of time.

Working on the rings, stall bars and ropes in addition to burst cardio exercises you'll become an aerial ninja in no time. 45 Minutes.

Open Aerial

Under the supervision of an instructor, come practice what you have learned in class. MUST BE ENROLLED IN AN AERIAL CLASS TO ATTEND.Under the supervision of an instructor, come practice what you have learned in class. Must be current student or have studio approval to attend. 60 Minutes.

Open Pole

Use this time to play with choreography, condition or stretch. Use of mats is required while practicing inversions. Must be a current student or have studio approval to attend.
60 minutes.