All Visits require an advance reservations as class sizes are limited. 

Single Ground/Fitness Class


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Male Ballet Dancer

Stretching for Flexibility

Stretching for flexibility is class designed to help you gradually and gently become more flexible. Whether you are looking to get a little deeper into a split or stronger to hold a backbend, this class will be an asset to your efforts. In addition, with consistent attendance you can expect to see an overall improvement in any aerial or ground activities you pursue. 45 Minutes.

Modern Dance Class

Contemporary/Lyrical Dance

Description Coming Soon.

Dancer with Hoop

Beginner Hula Hooping tricks

Hula Hooping is great way to stay fit and have fun. Join us and learn to create unique rotations and interesting transitions. 45 Minutes.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Description Coming Soon


Description Coming Soon

Adult Acro

This class is formatted for adults who want to learn the basics of acrobatics. If you've ever wanted to do a handstand, bridge, cartwheel/round-off or somersault this class will help you nail it! Expect stretching and strengthening conditioning exercises along with proper technique and positioning.
45 Minutes.

Ballet Barre

Class Description Coming Soon

Mini Trampoline

Class Description Coming Soon

Cardio Kickboxing

Class Description Coming Soon