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Male Ballet Dancer

Stretching for Flexibility

Stretching for flexibility is class designed to help you gradually and gently become more flexible. Whether you are looking to get a little deeper into a split or stronger to hold a backbend, this class will be an asset to your efforts. In addition, with consistent attendance you can expect to see an overall improvement in any aerial or ground activities you pursue. 45 Minutes.


Open Aerial or Pole Practice

Open Aerial or Pole practice is time for you to practice what you have learned in class. These practices are not monitored, so prior knowledge of aerial or pole is required. If you are new to the studio, please contact us directly if you wish to attend.

Professional Belly Dancing

Belly Dance

This class is a fusion of various belly dance styles where you will learn posture and technique, drills and conditioning, combinations, and how to use belly dance props such as fans, veils and cymbals. No experience necessary. Please wear form fitting clothing and bring a hip scarf if you have one!

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Flow through a full body workout in this 45 minute vinyasa style yoga class. We will work on strength, flexibility, and connecting our breath to movement. Each class will start with a short meditation and end with some basic inversion play. Mats and props are available for rent but students are encouraged to bring their own.

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Chair Dance (18+)

Explore your deep feminine side and find your beautifully sensual self through learning chair dance. Come alone or drag your shy friend!

Bring a long scarf, hat, gloves, and/or a set of heels (if you wish).

Wear something you can move freely in that makes you feel good and sexy! Ages 18+

Adult Ballet Class


Through the course of this 45 minute class, you will strengthen, lengthen, and tone your full body! This barre class incorporates movements derived from dance, pilates, sculpting methods, and HIIT exercises. See yourself grow stronger through high intensity movements with low impact. This class can be treated as an aerial conditioning class, or just a great way to get in shape! (you do not need to have dance experience to take this class).

Tai Chi in Motion


Class Description Coming Soon

Acroyoga Pose


Acroyoga is a multi-person practice that combines acrobatics and yoga. Learn the basics of L-basing as a base, a flyer, and a spotter. We offer a fun and challenging class that incorporates trust, communication, and lots of high-fives!

Hands on a Dancing Pole

Pole Conditioning

Description coming soon.

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