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Bungee Dance Fitness

Experience bungee fitness at Aerial Arts of Rochester! Every student will have their own harness in which the bungee cord is attached in the back (single point). This will allow you to bounce and move with resistance needed for strengthening and toning those muscles while practicing fun and challenging movements. Below is a list of things to keep in mind before deciding to participate.

* This is a moderate to challenging cardio activity class.
* We recommend being comfortable jumping on the ground, stepping on and off a step ladder, and with doing a plank.
* The harness will probably be uncomfortable, especially on your first visit.
* Participation is not recommended for those with high or low blood pressure or those who experience mid to lower back pain.
* We recommend wearing form-fitting pants.
* Sign up for bungee as a one-time experience or take it consistently as an alternative fitness class.

***For the safety of participants, our equipment is rated for maximum weight capacity of 210 lbs. You will be required to tell the instructor your weight so that we can provide you with the correct bungee resistance.

Bungee is approximately 45 minutes of activity. When you arrive, class participants will spend about 10 minutes getting into your harness and attach your bungee cord.

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