5 Types

The static type (“fixed”)

Static trapeze –as its name suggests- remains stable, it doesn’t sway. It can be used by more than one performer at the same time, by doing acrobatic tricks over and under the bar, on the ropes and by supporting one another with his weight.

Dance (“single-point trapeze”)

It is a sub-category of static trapeze which is hung from one point making the ropes form a V. In contrast with other trapeze types, where the emphasis is put on impressive acrobatic tricks, dance trapeze choreography is more artistic. It is influenced by contemporary dancing.


It includes all the skills used in static trapeze (climbing, posing, spinning etc). However, it is not fixed and it swings back and forth (just like the swings in playgrounds). Thus, it is more difficult to show the moves. The back and forth movement is triggered by the performer’s body weight.


Two bars are used by two performers-aerialists. It is similar to swinging trapeze. When the right speed is reached, the acrobat (also known as the flyer) swings and jumps to the other bar. The other person (also known as the catcher) catches the arms of the flyer while hung from the second trapeze.


It can be found in many shapes and sizes. There can be two or more trapeze either joined together side by side or up and down. The most common are double or triple trapeze.
They are manufactured in any shape we want for various performances and shows.

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Introduction to Aerial

Students are welcome and encouraged to take multiple Aerial Arts Sampler Workshops. Apparatuses may include; Silks, Aerial Hoop, Knot/Hammock or Dance Trapeze.

60 minutes.

*  Advanced Registration is required.
* Ages 13 and up welcome

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Level 1 Dance Trapeze

Students will learn the foundations of dance trapeze, such as how to mount, dismount along with basic poses and transitions. Short sequences may also be explored. 60 minutes.

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Level 2 Dance Trapeze

In Level 2 dance trapeze will have you explore rotations and moves incorporating the ropes. Expect to spend time conditioning the core and shoulders to gain greater strength and range of motion. You will also begin working on sequences to gain stamina. Must have completed level 1 requirements. 60 Minutes.

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Level 3 Dance Trapeze

Requirements for level 3 Dance Trapeze are to be able to flip onto bar without assistance from off the floor, single arm hangs for 10+ seconds and flip to standing from bar to feet.

60 minutes.