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Rent-a- Room

Rates range from $15.00 per hour and up.

Our facility has a total of 13,000 square feet with 4 rest rooms. Total maximum capacity is 200.

How does rental work?

1) Proof of Insurance is Required. You must be able to name Aerial Arts of Rochester as an additional insured. If you do not have business insurance, we will not be able to accommodate you.
2) Once approved, we can either schedule a one-time rental or an on-going rental.

        - We'll need to know what equipment you need to host class so that we have it available for use.

3) You will given access to the facility for use and you are responsible to lock up.

4) Our rates are cheap by the hour, so we ask you to tidy up after use.


There are 5 main areas in which can be utilized. See below for details.

We have 200 chairs, 11 round banquet style tables and a variety of 4 foot and 6 foot square tables. All tables have black cloths.

​Our first floor space is ADA compliant and we have a huge parking lot!


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