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Aerial Arts of Rochester Offers Single Visits or Monthly Memberships.

Aerial Arts of Rochester uses skill charts to track your progress. Once you've completed all your skills, you are ready to advance to the next level. This allows everyone to learn at their own individual pace.

Aerial Silks, Corde Lisse, Straps Classes


Level 1 Aerial Silks

Level 1 Aerial Silks is designed for individuals that either have no prior experience with the fabrics, or for those still of becoming comfortable with them. We will be working on the building blocks of silks, including foot locks, hip keys and wrapping, while building up your basic core strength and spacial awareness.
60 minutes.


Level 2 Aerial Silks

You will begin to invert and learn level 2 wraps, poses, and transitions. You will focus on working mostly in the air learning hip keys, knee hooks, double foot locks, and single/double crochet legs. Although your silks will be flying high, you will also be introduced to paralette training and stall bars. You will also learn the basics of aerial drops. 60 Minutes.


Level 3 Aerial Silks

Level 3 is for those able to perform hip keys in the air, knee hooks and leg crochets. You will begin to work on ankle hangs, stamina, more complex wraps and multiple versions of earlier moves. Your core conditioning will also intensify with hand balancing and hand stands. We will also be introducing key elements of spacial awareness needed for higher level drops and rolls. 60 minutes.


Level 4A Aerial Silks

At this level we will be learning more complicated moves and poses. You will also be introduced to slack drops, star drops, pencil drops, and other intricate wrappings. Muscle/physical stamina and spacial awareness will be very important from here on out. You will also work on completing sequences in the air for a period of 3 to 4 minutes. 60 Minutes.


Level 4B & 5 Aerial Silks

At this level you will be working with both locked and unlocked drops. You will also be encouraged to exercise creativity by putting together artistic transitions of moves and poses to form sequences. You will work with the fabrics to create shapes and dynamic visions. This is also where you will have free reign to invent moves. Level 5 entry is by invitation only. 60 minutes.

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Corde Lisse

Beginner and Intermediate class levels are available. Corde Lisse is also referred to as rope. This class is offered periodically.

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