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Frequently Asked Questions
& Policies



What is the Aerial Arts?

Aerial Arts encompasses a wide variety of apparatuses in which a student or performer can learn poses, transitions and drops for the purpose of recreation or entertainment.

How do I get started?

Great question!  We offer a Introductory 3 Class Pass that is valid for any Level 1 class and a variety of ground/dance/fitness options. You can also book a private lesson and schedule that at your convenience. Either way, don't forget to create your client account online and sign the participation waiver.

Where are you located?

We are now located at University Business Center next to Hot Shots Volleyball. When driving down University Avenue, you'll see a horse statue and "M Body"  - turn there into the parking lot and drive past the Breast Cancer Coalition. You will then see our sign in the large lot! 

Can I walk into any class?
No, all classes require advance enrollment as they are limited in class size. You do not have to a member to take class - Simply create an account and you can enroll into a single class. 

My child has special needs. Can they participate?

Yes, providing the child is not a danger to himself or others AND a helper will be present and engaged. We want all participants to be safe. Please let us know in advance so that we can be better prepared.

What should I wear or bring to my first class?

Different apparatuses require different attire, so check the course description for details. In general, no jewelry for safety. No shoes needed. Bring water and a locker lock if you’d like to secure your items. Don't apply lotions or oils before class.

How Do I redeem my social media voucher?
To redeem your voucher, click on the Voucher Redemption button at the bottom of the website.

Class Cancellations & Studio Closings
Classes will be cancelled if there are less than 2-3 participants. You will be notified via email, so make sure that your notifications are turned on. For winter weather, we close when there is a blizzard or a no travel advisory has been issued.

What if I am late to class - can I still come?

No one will be admitted to class if you more than 10 minutes late. If you going to be late, please notify the studio in advance. The beginning of class is the most important part! Your warm up will help prevent injuries.

What is your Membership Cancellation Policy? 

For ALL Memberships, an email is required for cancellation. Memberships will be terminated at the end of your billing cycle. Any roll over visits will lost when you cancel your membership. For Youth/Tween Memberships we require 2 weeks notice. Instead of cancelling your membership, consider placing it on hold. See below...

Membership Holds

If you need to take a break for any reason; Covid Quarantine, Work/Travel, etc. You are welcome to place your membership on hold for up to 6 months. This will place everything in state of suspension meaning that no classes can be used and no charges will be incurred during this time. It will "freeze" everything until you a ready to return.

Class Cancellations and No Show Policy

You have up to 6 hours in advance to cancel your reservation in class. If you cancel after that time, you will be deducted a visit.
If you made an advance reservation for a class and do not show up a visit will be deducted.

Event Cancellations due to weather of staff availability

AAoR spends several months training our instructors to lead your event. We would never leave your children in the care of staff members that were not prepared. Therefore, in the rare event that we have an issue staffing your event (for example an instructor becomes ill suddenly or has a death in the family) and we are unable to secure a replacement, we would contact you as soon as possible. In this instance, we then offer a change of date and the event would be free of charge.

Should there be a "no unnecessary travel advisory" issued by the DOT during the winter season, the studio will call to reschedule your event.


Who can participate? Am I too old?
Anyone can do the Aerial Arts.
Your age or fitness level does not determine your ability.  Most people are surprised after taking a workshop, to learn they did much more than they initially thought. This is because our bodies can do amazing things - its the mind that often needs some convincing.

What if I’m not strong enough?

We assume that all students don’t have any upper body or core strength and we build your skills from the ground, up! That said, the stronger you are the easier it will be for you to progress more quickly.

I’m worried that I won’t be good at this....

Learning aerials can be challenging, both physically and mentally - its a skill and it takes time and practice, be patient and kind to yourself. The most  important thing is to accomplish your personal goals. Don’t judge yourself up against the person next to you, remember to have fun, get fit and know that your instructor is always there to help.

I just had my first class and can’t lift my arms.

That’s totally normal. You are going to be sore as your body adjusts to doing new activity. Treat yourself to a hot Epson salt bath and gently stretch.

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