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New To Aerial Arts?

Below is how to get started, what to wear, what you need to know about making/canceling class reservations and more!

Getting Started

1) The first thing you'll want to do is create your client account. This is required to take a class as every individual will need to sign their own participation waiver.
Please Note that if you are a Parent/Guardian signing up a minor, you'll want to create your account and then add your children as dependents.


What you need to know...
* Fitness attire is required. Keep in that you may go upside down in some classes. For most classes you will be barefoot.
* Please do not apply lotions or oils as this will make it more difficult to use your grip.
* Please do not wear jewelry as this can cause injuries or damage our equipment.

Choose how you want to take classes...
- Purchase a Single Visit, 3 Class Pass (valid for new clients, one time purchase) or get a Monthly Membership.

2) Payment is due at the time of booking to reserve your space in class.

3) You are responsible for managing your class reservations and cancellations. The best thing to do is to download our app right to your phone! If you need help with this, ask our front desk staff and they can assist.

Important! There is a 6 hour cancellation policy, otherwise your will lose a visit.

- Please be aware that youth and tweens are typically bulk enrolled into the same class that meets on the same day and time, unless you request a change.

3) Where are we located?
We at 1046 University Avenue in the University Business Center located next to Hot Shots Volleyball.




1) All students must have an account. All students/guardians must sign the participation/liability waiver. This is required.
2) Arrivals more than 10 minutes after class starts are not permitted without instructor permission, as late students must be prepared to warm up on their own to prevent injuries.

3) No gum chewing
4) Jewelry must be removed before class. This is to prevent damage to the apparatuses and injuries to yourself.

5) Please no jeans, belts or clothing items with glitter that can easily fall off.
It is recommended to wear fitness attire such as sports bra, leggings, tank or tee.

Do not apply lotions or oils prior to class. Please use deodorant or a comparable product.
6) You will need to complete the required moves on the apparatus Skill Charts to move up in level. Ask your instructor for help if needed. 

7) Students may not adjust rigging/pulleys. Instructors or aerial arts staff will handle this for you.
8) Aerial Arts of Rochester is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We have lockers available for use, just remember to bring a lock.
10) Open Practice is for moves in which you have learned in class.

11) Aerial Arts of Rochester reserves the right to remove or refuse any group/individual that behaves inappropriately or causes disruptions. Our priority is the safety of students and staff.
12) Students
, Parents/Guardians agree to respect all members of the Aerial Arts community.
13) Payment is due when enrolling/booking into class. You'll need to have a card on file via your client account.
14) Should Aerial Arts need to cancel classes due to weather, instructor illness or other unforeseen circumstances, students will be credited via their client account (class visit will be in your account for future use). Cancellations are posted on social media. You will also be notified via your client account.


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