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Aerial Arts of Rochester
565 Blossom Road  
Suite Z  
Rochester, NY 14610

Try It!

Circus Explorers

Want your child/tween to try aerial acrobatics? They'll explore a fabric and metal apparatus such as the hammock/silks and trapeze. In this entry level lesson, kids will be soaring with confidence and creativity! Lessons are scheduled with studio owner, Jennifer Dovidio.

Individual lesson       $25                 30 Minutes
Bring a Buddy           $40                 45 Minutes

Lesson for 2

* Longer Lessons are also available

Aerial & Acro Play
Ages 3 - 5
with an adult

A unique class for both an adult and child participant where movement is explored both in the air and on the ground. Using the aerial hammock, along with other fun activities such as partner acro, tumbling and swinging on the trapeze, children will build balance and coordination skills. Being in a safe and supportive environment will allow for confidence and creativity to soar. Short stories and other circus inspired activities will also be incorporated. 35 minutes in length.

Youth Circus Arts
Ages 5 - 7

Spinning Plates and Stilt Walking, balancing on Slackline and Flying with the Greatest of Ease on Trapeze? Your little acrobat is going to be the star of the show! With guided instruction and spotting for safety, children will be introduced to aerial acrobatics in addition to ground activities all inspired by the circus.

45 minutes.

Winter Circus Camp
Ages 7 - 12

Its winter break and it can be long and boring. Circus is anything but boring! During camp kids will explore both ground and aerial activities. They will fly on the static/dance trapeze, get wrapped up in the aerial silks and "hang out" in the hammocks! Mini trampoline, stilt walking, sock poi and much more will keep them engaged.

Level 1
Youth Aerial
Ages 7 - 12

Experience what its like to be an aerial acrobat. At level 1 children will focus on (1) metal apparatus, the static trapeze and (1) fabric apparatus, the aerial hammock also known as sling. They will also learn silk knot and have a circus exploration day where students will have fun with apparatuses that we don't train on regularly. Our circus arts instructors will provide guided instruction in a safe and encouraging environment, where their confidence and creativity can soar. Dance concepts and ground acrobatics will also be a part of their training. 45 minutes.

Home School Circus
Ages 9-11

We know that your children need a quality physical education outlet that is fun, challenging and rewarding. Thats why Jennifer Dovidio, co-owner of Aerial Arts of Rochester developed a program called Aerial Arts Athletics. This program focuses on skills that children will carry with them into adulthood. They will learn about the human body and how relates to movement in addition to building progressive movements with the use of circus and aerial acrobatic skills. Students will work on both metal and fabric apparatuses. Other activities may include, spinning plates, juggling, hula hoop and more!

Level 2
Youth Aerial
Ages 7 - 12

Children will expand and build on their aerial skills in this course adding aerial silk fabrics and aerial hoop, also called lyra. This course requires instructor permission for enrollment, students will need adequate experience on the apparatuses. 

55 minutes.