For the summer of 2020, AAoR will be offering youth camps starting the week of July 20th. The camp will meet once a week for 6 weeks, similar to classes during the school year. Camps are available for returning students on Thursdays or Saturdays. Due to covid, class sizes will be cut in half. If you are unable to get into camp, you need to let us know and we will add more options to the calendar. Please reach out to us as we want to try and accommodate everyone.

Adults and Teens

Hello Students!

       We have missed you and hope that you consider joining us once again. We wanted to explain our membership options to you in more detail so you could choose what membership best fits your needs.

In general, you will want to sign up for the same level you took in March prior to the Covid shutdown. Do not worry about loss of strength or knowledge. Our instructors will be formatting classes to include additional strengthening, stretching for injury prevention, reviewing of all material.

We have posted the schedule for July, however we are uncertain as to how many students are returning. It is will likely that we will make adjustments to the calendar by adding or removing classes based on attendance.


1) With any of our new memberships you can switch up your classes! In addition, you may attend your current level or below. For example; If you purchased a Basic 5 Visit Month to Month Membership you could attend; Aerial Yoga, Aerial Silks Level 3, Stretching for Flexibility, Bungee and Aerial Silks Level 2 OR you could also choose to attend the same class consecutively each week. For example; You could enroll into Pole Level 1 every Monday night.

2) Payment is taken for a membership on the day you purchase, however you can choose your plan start date. For example; You bought the plan on 6/15, but choose to start 7/6. This would mean that your next payment would not be due until 8/6.


3) A credit card is required, however you can pay cash/check in studio prior to your billing due date so your card will not be charged.

4) A 3 Month Membership Commitment has more perks. Not only will you save money each month, you can roll-over unused visits to the next month. For example; you are going on vacation for a week, no problem - any unused visits will be available for use the following month.

5) For our 3 Month Commitment Memberships guest passes are now also included. This is our rewards program. Should any of your guests sign up for a membership, you will receive a $10 account credit. Be sure to fill out your guest passes and turn them into the front desk.

6) 3 Month Commitment memberships also provide discounts on merchandise and specialty workshops.

7) You may change your membership by upgrading or downgrading. This must be done in studio or over the phone.

8) Cancelling Your Membership; Month to Month Memberships do not require a commitment to a specified number of months. You may not cancel 3 Month Commitment Memberships before the 3 months. You will need to notify the studio no less than (7) business days via email prior to the end of your personal billing date. Your membership will not auto-renew for the following month.

9) All classes require that you reserve your space in advance and manage your class cancellations. There is a 24 hour class cancellation policy in place.

10) Single Visits are also available. If you prefer not to enter into a membership, you may purchase a single class for any ground or apparatus class at your current level or below.

11) Additional open practice passes are available for purchase, however all memberships include open practice as an option that you may choose to use as one of your plan visits.

If you have more questions, we are happy to help. Once again, pro-rated credits from the previous session in March will be in your client account by 6/25/20. If the credit does not cover the entire amount of your purchase, you will need to contact the studio directly for assistance by writing to or calling 585-201-8202.