Introductory Workshops
Offered every month. You are not required to take a workshop prior to enrolling into session courses.
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Introduction to Aerial Workshop

New Students are welcome and encouraged to take multiple Aerial Arts Sampler Workshops as apparatuses and material will rotate, so there is always something new you will learn! Apparatuses may include; Silks, Aerial Hoop, Knot/Hammock or Dance Trapeze. 60 minutes.

* Pre-registration is required.
* Ages 13 and up welcome

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Introduction to

New Students will learn a short routine combination and many entry level moves, such as the classic fireman spin!

- Bring shorts
- Skip lotions and oils prior to class
- Remove jewelry on hands/wrists (this includes wedding/engagement rings)
- Co-ED
- Ages 16+ welcome with parental consent


Youth Introduction to Aerial

Have your child experience what classes are like at Aerial Arts of Rochester. They will get to try the aerial hammock, dance trapeze and other circus arts activities.

Ages 9 - 12 welcome. (If your child is younger than age 9, please see other course options available.) Boys and Girls. No prior dance or gymnastics experience required.

What People Say...

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