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Next to Empire Beauty School
370 Elm Ridge Plaza     Greece, NY 14626


Core Power; Aerial Yoga

Core Power Aerial Yoga is strengthening and stretching class using the aerial hammock. Moving through different yoga inspired asanas, you'll find your balance in the aerial hammock. Expect challenging exercises that will build your core and upper body. We recommend wearing leggings and a t-shirt to this class. 45 Minutes.

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Pole Dance Fitness Level 1

You’ll want to start with Level 1 formatted for entry level students and beginners. You’ll learn the basics from how to grip the pole, stand, sit and execute simple spins. A short choreographed combination will be taught at this level. No prior dance is needed. Don’t worry about your strength, we can help you build that! You’ll see yourself improve every week. Bring shorts with you to this class. We dance barefoot. 55 minutes.


Introduction to Aerial Hammock and Silk

Introduction to Aerial Hammock and Silks is a great way to learn the foundations of working with fabrics. The aerial hammock utilizes a soft fabric sling that supports the body allowing you to learn a variety of poses and transitions. The aerial silks are 2 separate pieces of longer fabrics. You will begin to wrap the fabrics around different parts of the body to create unique shapes. In addition, you'll start learning to climb and have fun going upside down. Ages 16+ welcome. Please wear fitness attire such as leggings and a t-shirt/tank. 55 Minutes.

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Introduction to Aerial

Hoop and Trapeze

Students will learn the foundations of dance trapeze and aerial hoop, such as how to mount, dismount along with basic poses and transitions. Movements at level 1 can be applied to both apparatuses. This course will help you to determine what apparatus you'll want to pursue. Short sequences may also be explored. Please wear leggins and tee/tank to this class. 55 minutes.