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 Aerial Ascensions is Aerial Arts of Rochester’s division of wellbeing. Not just for the body, but mind, body and spirit. We want to do this by not only offering retreats, but classes on a regular basis that help people grow, create, envision, build, heal and do! Everything from gaining knowledge to improve their lives and give themselves some much needed self-love, care and compassion.

We know that stress and anxiety is part of everyday life, what if we built in that weekly “us” time into our routines and made that a priority. Think about the possibilities!

Jennifer Dovidio is the co-owner of Aerial Arts of Rochester. In January of 2022, she suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm. Jennifer understood how fortunate she was to have survived. Not wanting to waste anymore time questioning her purpose or path she is breaking ground on making this vision come to fruition!  

Bringing together practitioners, teachers, coaches and enthusiasts over the summer months with the intent to put these classes on the calendar by Fall of 2022.

Here are some ideas below, but we are open to all ideas. Interested in being a part of this opportunity? Email Jennifer at and label it Aerial Ascensions.

Soap Making
Natural Body Scrub
Creating a Vision Board
Mindful Meditation
Sound Healing
Somatic Movement
Essential Oils
Healing with Crystals
Ayurveda natural medicine
Personal Money Management
Lifestyle in Harmony
Your idea, specialty or passion goes here __________.